Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Daily "Thank You" List

This morning I decided to list out the things I am thankful for throughout the day as I experience them. Here are several things I am thankful for today.....

1. I can breathe.

2. Proverbs - very inspiring and life-changing.

3. A note from my husband that says "Awesome!" with a smiley in response to a journal entry I wrote last night.

4. Our washer and dryer to do laundry.

5. My friend who I spoke with on the phone this morning.

6. Our pet bunny named Bunny who is so soft and likes to lick my nose.

7. Being organized by writing out my daily tasks and what I do each hour (I learned this last week and it's an awesome way to get lots done).

8. My family.

9. The 40 degree high today that will hopefully melt lots of the snow so I can park in the driveway instead of a block away and so the squirrels and bunnies can find more food.

10. Leftover pizza.

11. Live music at home - my husband practicing guitar in the other room.

12. My new Cookie Lee catalogs that finally arrived today because the fedex truck could make it down our hill. Yay!

13. Watching David, my husband, try to hold Bunny - adorable.

14. The sky - especially around 5:30pm - what a beautiful array of colors!

15. Gym membership and the motivation to get there.

16. A tip I learned in a magazine on how to get organized and declutter - spend 10-15 minutes a day doing a power declutter.

17. My grandma.

18. New jewelry that I ordered and I'm so excited to get AND the money to pay for it.

19. My nightly handwashing dishes by candlelight.

20. The privilege and power of prayer.

Making a 'Gratitude Journal' is something I've heard is good for a person's well-being. I have much to be thankful for but sometimes do not realize it, especially when I am more focused on the 'bad' and instead of the 'good'. May you be blessed by seeing good things in your life!

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  1. Amber, so glad you started a blog!! I loved reading your "thankful" list ... and I will check back to read more of your blogs ...