Thursday, February 4, 2010

Notice the Simple Things

Notice the sweet simple things in life.

When my husband and I started dating he was amazed at all of the hearts that I see. We'd be eating at Jimmy John's and I would find a heart on my sandwich. It may have been a piece of oregano or just a dark spot on the bun, but it looked like a perfect heart. There are random hearts just about everywhere. They are in the form of lint, scabs, pebbles on the sidewalk, in your food, you name it.

To me, I feel like I am being loved by God when I see these. I feel like it is a specific way He reminds me that He loves me. I thank Him for His love, and a funny thing happens, I see even more hearts.

I've noticed that other people see things like this too. I love it. It makes me wonder if it happens to every person in the world in some way. God does something unique to us and how he made us. I imagine that often it goes unnoticed. Take time to notice the sweet things.... and when you do, say "Thanks God! I love you too!"

I was eating potato chips at work last fall and one dropped to the table as I was taking a bite. The chip broke and one piece made a perfect shaped heart and it made me happy. I put the heart in a styrofoam cup and took it home.

I was folding laundry and noticed a piece of lint on my my blue giraffe print pajama pants. I looked a little closer and noticed it was a 'lint heart'.

Our pet bunny named Bunny is our little paper shredder. He likes to eat paper. This piece of paper was folded in half and chewed up by Bunny. When he was done with his masterpiece I opened the piece of paper and noticed it made a heart shape. I thought it was his way of telling us he loves us since he can't talk. I hung it on the fridge for awhile with a post it note saying "made by Bunny".

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