Friday, February 19, 2010

Our Recent Trip to Albany New York

Do you ever sometimes wonder if you're on the right track of doing God's specific will for your life? Recently my husband cried out to God and asked "Lord, I could use some encouragement if I am doing your will." The encouragement he received was a phone call from Pulse radio station in Albany New York. They liked his music and wanted to feature him as their Artist of the Week. We prayed God would use us and the music to bless many people there.

We began to plan a trip to Albany New York. We realized after we bought our plane tickets that we may end up paying more than our individual plane tickets to get the guitar there and back. To pack the guitar well in a guitar box it was going to cost $175 each way for the airline to check it in since it was considered oversized. And it would have been $20 for the guitar box and $60 for packing the guitar. That's $430 total. We read online to expect to buy a plane ticket for your guitar. We actually checked into that, but they said the guitar head would stick up too far in the seat so that would not work. Instead David cleverly designed two wood pieced and taped duck tape around them and then the guitar was not oversized so it was only $25 dollars each way to check in the guitar. Here's a pic:

So, the day before we were supposed to leave we found out one of our flights was canceled. It actually ended up working out for good because we had more time to pack and prepare. But we were a little worried we wouldn't make it to Albany. Our new flight date there was supposed to be a blizzard in both Chicago and Albany. I felt it was a little miracle that neither flight was canceled or delayed. We prayed for a miracle. It ended up that Chicago did not have much snow and Albany had none! Yay! We made it to Albany at about 10pm on Wednesday night and our radio interview at Pulse 96.7 was scheduled for the next morning at 10am.

We were nervous the night before and couldn't fall asleep for quite awhile. We joked that we would be so tired during the interview that we would be falling asleep and snoring.

The people at the radio station were super nice! We were interviewed by Michelle Adams. The interview went well although we were both nervous. I'm not sure if I was nervous because it was our first radio interview and knowing it would be on air or if it was because I always get nervous during interviews. David played his song "Come Find Me" live at the radio station. They gave us a tour and we met the staff. When Michelle took us to the back of the building and opened the door 4 beautiful deer were running across the grassy field. I've never seen deer with such huge tails.

David Paulsen sings "Come Find Me" at "Pulse 96.7" Radio Station in Albany, NY from David Paulsen on Vimeo.

Pulse will be featuring three of David's songs on their station the week of February 22nd. The interview will air Monday morning at 7:15 central time. You may be able to listen live on their website You can view a video of David playing "Come Find Me" at Pulse 96.7 radio station in Albany NY here:

Other things we did on our trip: We celebrated Valentines Day a few days early and had a romantic time eating McDonald's McFlurries. It was honestly romantic because this McDonald's was nicely built/decorated, had a fireplace which we were sitting by and we were their only dine in customers.

We also visited my sister Robyn and her family an hour away in Vermont. Robyn is a listener of the Pulse and encouraged us to try to get our music aired on their station.

I took a picture from the window seat of the airplane showing the top of the clouds and the sunset.

We got back to Omaha Sunday at midnight during a wind/snow storm. We were not too surprised to see snow in Omaha.

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