Monday, April 19, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

David holding Bunny

It's an adorable site watching David hold Bunny. Too bad rabbits do not like to be handled. Bunny always seems scared and often tries to get away when we hold him.

Spring Cleaning

Now that our windows are clean, I love how colors look so bright and things look so crisp and clean. Clean windows are awesome! I've been enjoying the sunsets out the window even more.


The first picture are a few colors that we tried out before finally deciding on "Golden Oats" for the dining room and living room and "Dusty Trail" for the kitchen.

Making Scarves

My mom likes roosters and she loves red. I knitted her an all red scarf for her birthday this year and just so happened to have a rooster tag. The scarf looked beautiful on her.

Encouraging My Husband

A few weeks ago David was having a hard day at work so I encouraged him with a card and a few Dots (the candy) taped to the front door when he got home. He was extremely grateful.

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  1. Amber, so fun to see all these photos! I like your paint job in your house! You are so sweet ... thanks for your note of encouragement that you sent us recently.