Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Madeline's Artwork

Our 4 year old niece's artwork is part of an exhibit at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts, in downtown Omaha. David and I went there on opening night of the exhibit, last Friday evening, and she excitedly showed us her 6 beautiful works of art. The Bemis had a very sweet and colorful display of the children's art from the preschool Madeline (Mady) goes to. It was fun to see the creative artwork of the children. Here are Mady's masterpieces....

Here is a photo of Mady making a painting. Notice her painting tool is not a brush, but a carrot.

That is Mady in the background, pointing at one of her other works of art.

I like the sparkly things in this one.

Here is a beautiful watercolor painting by Mady and a picture of her on the right.

This one is titled "A Goober". To me it resembles a heart.

Here is Mady again, hard at work with her creative mind flowing.

And lastly, here is a far away picture of the room filled with beautiful artwork made by beautiful children.
In this picture is Madeline and her older sister Kaitlyn.

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