Friday, July 2, 2010

Grumpy Toast

At first glance you might think I made this face with my toast to be silly. Actually it was the end piece of the bread so the very middle of it was very thin. When the bread was finished toasting the middle was very burnt. I took a knife and cut out the burnt part. Two little pieces of the burnt part dropped onto the bread where eyes would be. I noticed it made a face as I was walking away to throw the burnt piece away. I was like "No way!" and I thought it was a funny. And because I think there is meaning to about everything, I wondered if God was telling me I was grumpy. So I took a picture so I could show David when he got home from work. And I probably prayed that I would be more joyful and thankful.

Later on I received a text message of a picture of a "Happy Face" made out of tools at the job site David was working at. He wrote, "Things going good here Cute." I think God used that face as one way to cheer me up. And maybe to remind me to trust Him and He is in control...little reminders that I constantly need.

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