Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Strong Women Soft Hearts

I would like to share a few things from a book that I am half way through called Strong Women Soft Hearts by Paula Rinehart. Some of these things she writes really speak to my heart.

Here is a few things from Paula's book from the chapter called Control: Releasing Our Sticky Fingers:

"Doug leaned over to me and spoke some of the wisest words of my life. 'You have to realize, Paula, that your dreams aren't going to materialize in the way you have hoped - even the ones you thought God gave you. Some will turn out better than you could ever imagine. Some will go belly up. And hardly any will match the picture in your mind.'"

"Letting go means 'freedom from the everlasting burden of always having to get our way.' Having to stay in control, to get our own way, is indeed an everlasting burden."

"In recognizing the subtle stranglehold of control, in the release of my sticky fingers from the steering wheel, my heart is ready for the real adventure of life - actively trusting God."

And here is a few things from her chapter called Trust: The Art of Falling Backward:

"And just as relationships elicit our deepest longings, so, too, trust can be more difficult when it comes to those we love."

"She began to deal, first, with the way she had attached her larger sense of being, her identity, not to God, but to a person. A human being, even one who is your husband, never makes a very good anchor."

"If you are frantically trying to hold on to something you think you must have, then trust seems about as feasible as a Sunday stroll on Mars."

"When you taste a measure of being able to love and enjoy the people in your life, without having to have any particular response from them, you are tasting bliss."

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  1. Sounds like a good book, Amber. I especially liked the quote about control. It is so easy to want to be in control. Good thoughts about that ... thanks for sharing.