Monday, July 26, 2010

Upcoming Show.....

I am so excited for David's next show. Although I am also nervous because he wants me to sing with him and this gives me anxiety. Probably the hardest thing in my life is that I have anxiety and get panic attacks and someday I will blog about it more. For now, I will post information on David's next show.

David will be playing on Friday in Omaha at the Benson Grind at 8pm. The Benson Grind is located at 6107 Maple Street. He is opening for the band, Feathe, a band of 3 lovely young ladies from Eau Claire, WI. I wanted to make a flyer for the show, and when I prayed about what to make for the flyer the only thing that kept coming to mind was to draw a picture of the band, Feathe. I drew the picture and David designed the rest.

Everyone is welcome and it is a free show. Hope to see you there!

To hear the music online go to or Thanks! :)

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