Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Front Porch Vacation Getaway

We had to clean our house since we have it for sale. This front porch of ours had always been messy and cluttered. Scattered shoes on one end. David's work tools, shovels, brooms, and random yard stuff on the other end. And there was just a little walk space for people to get by.

David and I both love alone time. And since we live together in a 750 square foot house, it's hard to have space to ourselves. I am an introvert and some of my favorite times are things I do alone. I love to journal, knit, pray, read, make cards, watch animals, write to people, etc.

So, here is our favorite part about a clean house.... our front porch is finally clean and it looks cute! And it is a fun and relaxing place to go for both David and I to have peaceful alone times. It is our new vacation getaway.

1 comment:

  1. Amber, I identify with you, as I also love alone time. And this little spot on your front porch looks like a wonderful little place for that to happen for you, and for David!