Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Fun Day With Melissa

My friend Melissa came to town from Texas last Friday. We have been friends since high school and we will be friends forever. My sister, Jessa, and I picked Melissa up from the airport. First we went out for lunch at a restaurant in downtown Omaha called Roja Mexican Grill. I ordered the kid's meal recommended by my sister because it's a large plate of food for only $4. It was a great deal! When I was a little over half way done with my soda, I picked it up to take a drink - the waitress put a new soda right in front of me and grabbed the one I had in my hand. I thought this was funny. I do not usually get refills because I rarely even finish one soda. So, they are totally on top of refills there.

Next we went to a boutique downtown called Nouvelle Eve. I like this store. Melissa and I were looking at some shirts on the same clothing rack. At almost the same time, she told me to look at this cute shirt and I also said, "Oh look, this shirt is so cute!". We look at the shirt each other is holding and it is the exact same shirt but different color. It was funny! We had Jessa take a picture.

Outside of Nouvelle Eve.

We went to my car and I had a parking ticket. Bummer! I guess we shopped too long, even though we didn't buy anything. I like going shopping to try stuff on when I don't have much money.

We stopped by Jessa's apartment in the Old Market. This time we made sure the meter was plugged long enough. I love Jessa's apartment. It has high ceilings and brick for some of the walls.

Jessa and Eva. Cute.

Melissa and I went to a few places to hang posters for David's next show in Omaha. The show is titled Songwriters at the Slowdown and it features 5 great songwriters. I am so excited for this show! Thanks Melissa for helping me hang these posters.

Then, we came home to take a little break before going to the mall. I received a package in the mail that day - Lemon Bars! I ordered them from Sweet Luxuries, a bakery in Texas. Heather, the one who bakes them is actually great friends with Melissa. So it was cool that they arrived and I was able to open the package while Melissa was at my house.

Millie the squirrel stopped by at our front door for her daily spanish peanuts. Melissa thought Millie was super cute! We are beginning to feed Millie less so that the new people who buy our house do not wonder why a squirrel shows up at their door step every day.

Ever since David saw the show Mister Rogers he wanted a stop light. So he found this one at an antique store, build a stand onto it and now it's our living room focal point. Melissa likes the stop light and we often take our picture by it.

So, we left. Melissa, David and I went to Subway and we will not tell you what happened unless you ask. It was one of the funniest experiences in my restaurant history. I laughed so hard that I was crying. Anyway, we drove Melissa to Lincoln so she could spend the rest of her vacation getaway weekend with her family. :)

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