Monday, September 27, 2010

Almost Missed A Blessing

My friend Rosemary called me up a couple Mondays ago and asked if I wanted to go to the zoo with her and her daughter, Isabel. I immediately responded, without really praying about it, "No, I am too busy, I have so much to do." But I started praying about it as I was still on the phone with her. I didn't want to miss a blessing from God. She has a zoo pass, so I was going to get in for free. I felt really stressed out that day and a trip to the zoo sounded really refreshing. I asked her if I could call her back in a few minutes because I wanted to talk to my husband about it.

He agreed that a break would be good for me. On Mondays I get easily stressed and try to do way more than I need to do. So, I called her back and said, "Yes, I would love to go to the zoo! Thanks for inviting me!".

She picked me up and we went to the zoo for about an hour and a half. It was so fun to see all the animals. My favorites were the butterflies, a mommy and baby tiger snuggling, a tiny mouse, and an arctic puffin. Right when we were about to leave it started sprinkling, and then it was raining hard by the time we were almost to the car. Perfect timing! What a fun time!

I have learned that one can easily miss a blessing from God. A good daily prayer is "Lord, help me not miss any blessings from you today!"

A ground squirrel (I think). It was running around. Wasn't too scared of people.

Isabel chasing the ground squirrel...he's on the rock (next level up). Can you see him?

A butterfly. I love the colors in this pic.

This was my favorite butterfly there. His body is chubby. He's adorable.

This was fascinating! Cocoons and hatching butterflies. A sign said most butterflies live for only 3 weeks!

A tiny mouse. This wasn't a zoo animal but we found him on the ground, playing with a bite sized snickers wrapper.

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