Thursday, September 30, 2010


We love this poster for David's show on Friday in Eau Claire, WI. When I saw the poster I thought "That is cool!". It reminded me a little of a painting I made a long time ago.

Poster designed by Brenna Signe

I went to my friend Christa's house last night to take a picture of the painting I made. I made it about 7 years ago. I went through a time when I painting several paintings that reminded me of God, or just things I was going through in life.

I remember painting it super fast. I used gold, white and umber red. Gold symbolized the power and majesty of God, white for purity, and umber symbolized the blood of Christ. I made the cross in the center, to symbolize Christ's love and forgiveness. For some reason I made an 'X' in the center of the cross. I remember liking that letter but I didn't know why, other than there is a tiny 'x' in the center of both of my hands.

I hadn't thought much about naming the painting until a friend of mine said it reminded her of glory, so I that is what I named it - "Glory". I was going through an awesome time in my life where I was falling in love with Jesus, at the time I painted it.

So, back to the show poster. It makes me think God wants to glorify Himself through David's life, oh, and Castles too.

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