Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Zipper Story

This morning, I went to put my soft lavender hoodie on. It usually takes awhile to get the zipper to zip, but this morning it took an extra long time. I probably tried about 30 times to zip the zipper. Could have been 50 actually. A few times, I prayed a quick "God help me!" and I got frustrated my quick prayer did not work. I have many other hoodies I could have grabbed, but I really wanted to wear this one.

Then, after spending about 8 minutes and getting frustrated, I paused and prayed a prayer that worked wonders. I said, "Lord, please zip this hoodie for me, and just use me as a vessel." I tried to zip it and instantly and smoothly it zipped up with no problem. It was so cool! I thanked God so much.

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