Friday, October 29, 2010

An October Bloom

This newly bloomed bright red gerber daisy appeared recently in the potted mixture of flowers I had planted in the spring. The gerber daisies had died sometime in the summer when the temperature got hot. The potted mixtures had recently been mostly greens, a few petunias were there too. And here it is, the end of October and there is a new beautiful gerber daisy bloom. It was fun to see!

A suprise gerber!

Sometimes a blessing comes or a prayer is answered when we least expect it. Or, after we've given up on it. Or not necessarily given up, but given it to God completely and not try to control it. His plans are always best. We've had our house for sale for over 6 months now. At first, we wanted it to sell fast. Now we wonder if we'll still be living here next summer and we've even wondered if will ever sell. But we are enjoying our house more than ever now. Whether it sells or not, I have peace.

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  1. Amber, fun to see your October bloom! And sweet to hear of your peace at the end of this October ...
    Sending prayers for you ~