Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Shop Next Door

Before leaving Cedar Rapids on Friday, we stopped by The Shop Next Door, which is next door to Brewed Awakenings. We loved this place! There were so many beautiful creative things there.

It is a little shop with vintage clothing and all kinds of different fabulous creations from artists in the area. They have a meeting room, the little loft area, where people can go to study, journal, knit, or have some quiet time. They also host a variety of fun and creative classes. Oh, and they even have small concerts sometimes. The place is filled with art....of ALL kinds! If you like art, or wish you were more creative, I recommend checking out The Shop Next Door.

The Shop Next Door in Cedar Rapids, IA

I love the turquoise walls.

Vinyl record wall clocks.

The pottery section.

One of our favorite sections is wall hangings by a family of artists, (on the wall, to the right). Check out their artwork:

Art by "Things With Wings".

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