Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Gap Story

I recently got a job at the Gap for their holiday stock help that was needed. My sister, Kelsy, who is a supervisor their called me a couple weeks ago and asked if I would want to work there for their busy season. David and I decided it would be the perfect part time job for me. So, I started this past week and loved it. I love working around cute and soft clothes. I have no idea why this is fun for me.

So, that is how I found out about the 50% off everything sale that Gap was having on Thursday night from midnight to 10AM. I decided we should go at midnight to avoid the early morning rush. I thought we'd get there at midnight and get some great deals, and be home by 1AM. I was looking forward to it and I didn't think it would be that busy. Who goes shopping at midnight? Well, we found out that lots of people do. And due to the crowd, we didn't make it home until about 3AM! It was an interesting, kinda funny, and slightly closterphobic experience. I found 3 clearance items that I loved, and waited in line for about an hour to purchase them. I've never seen a store so crowded before.

Speaking of shopping....this Saturday December 4th, I am selling Cookie Lee jewelry at a Craft Show in Omaha. This should be fun. There will be over 100 Crafters/Exhibitors selling all different types of things. Although I sell retail jewelry, my favorite at these craft shows are the homemade items. The last craft show I went to, I purchased a homemade knitted scrubber for doing dishes for only $1! It probably took the lady an hour to knit it, it's hard to believe she was selling it for only $1. Stop by my Cookie Lee booth and say 'hello' if you can make it to the craft show. Details are below.

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  1. Amber, so happy that you are liking your part-time job ... sounds perfect for you. And thankful you survived the shopping crowds late Thursday night and Friday morning! Have fun at the craft show ... and have a wonderful Christmas season!