Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Thankful Month

During this month of Thanksgiving, I am being reminded to be thankful. My husband and I were feeling a little stressed last month, but this is a new month and new and exciting things are happening. It is also a month of counting our blessings. Even though life is not perfect and we all experience hard things, there are always things to be thankful for. Here are some of mine....

1. Beautiful flowers given to me by my husband last week.

2. The bold beautiful colors of the leaves that are changing.

3. The time I spent with my husband yesterday, going on a walk in a cute neighborhood, with lots of adorable houses and pretty trees.

4. Looking forward to my sister Jessa's wedding reception on Saturday

5. Also looking forward to spending time with my sister Robyn and her children who will be here on Thursday!

6. Our house and many sweet memories here.

7. The squirrel that hid behind the tree from the big dog that we saw yesterday on our walk - I love squirrels.

8. Fashionable jewelry ~ I always have jewelry to wear since I am a Cookie Lee consultant. It's fun!

9. Bunny ~ our pet, he makes us laugh and he's so soft and cute.

10. Candy (I am eating chewy sprees as I write this)

11. The potluck after church yesterday

12. Friendships with women ~ women need "girl time".

13. Insights from this book I am reading "Strong Women, Soft Hearts", especially the chapter on 'Forgiveness'.

14. The smell of candles

15. Root beer floats

16. Playing hide and seek with children ~ We did this last Thursday as we watched David's neices.

17. New friendships ~ and old ones

18. Thinking of ways to brighten up someone's day

19. The amazing sunsets we have seen lately - wow!

20. Things God is teaching me at Heartland, through His Word, and His Holy Spirit.

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  1. So fun to read your thank you list, Amber! And ... I am thankful for YOU!