Friday, December 31, 2010

God Calling Us Into Ministry

A little over a year ago, God began speaking to David and I that I would leave my full time job. We felt He was calling me to stay home, to work on marketing David's music, work on the beginnings of our non-profit, and work on writing. I didn't understand how we would survive living on only one income. However, God made it very clear that He was leading us to do this and we knew that He would take care of us if we obeyed. I left my job in November of 2009.

Backing up a the summer of 2009, we began taking steps to start our own non-profit, as we knew that God was leading us to raise support for what we do. We didn't quite understand how we would be a non-profit and we became discouraged when the first lawyer we contacted said it would cost between $5,000-35,000 to start a non-profit. However, we were thankfully led to Artist in Christian Testimony, an organization that allows artists to raise tax deductible donations.

We received a huge blessing just hours after I obeyed God and put in my 2 week notice at my job in October of 2009. It was an email from Artists in Christian Testimony accepting us to be our own non-profit through them. Our non-profit is called 'facing Goliath'. We use art, mostly music, to share God's love with others. We focus on loving those who are often forgotten, like the homeless.

In February of 2010 God spoke to both of us that He would have David leave his full time job of being a fire sprinkler in December of 2010 in order to do music and ministry full time. That was hard to believe God. How would we be able to support ourselves without David's income? We began sending support letters out in the summer and we were touched each time someone said they would support us and each time we received a donation.

Many times since February we both doubted what God said about David leaving his job in December. We cried out to God on a number of occasions to speak to us and confirm that this is what He wants us to do, or to warn us if this is not what He wants us to do. He encouraged us in so many ways, through His spirit speaking to us and through His Word. He confirmed several times to both of us that He wanted David to leave his job in December. It's amazing that God does not ignore His children when we cry out to Him for help and guidance.

David's last day of work was Tuesday December 27, 2010. We are celebrating this week as we are taking an even bigger leap of faith than when I left my job. We are trusting that God will provide and continue to guide us. We will begin the New Year in full time ministry, loving people through the arts and music.

Today as I was studying the bible I was inspired by these verses:

"Then the Lord said to Moses, 'Is there a limit to my power? Now, you will see whether or not my word comes true!'" ~Numbers 11:23

"Jesus called out to them, 'Come, be my disciples, and I will show you how to fish for people!' And they left their nets at once and went with Him." ~ Mark 1:17-18

These are good verses for David and I to remember as we have left our jobs and financial security to follow Him. We look forward to what God will do, as His power is unlimited.

May your New Year be one of following Him, and experiencing what His unlimited power can do in and through your life.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home for the Holidays

I was so happy that my sister, Robyn, from Vermont and her two kids were in town recently. She was here for my youngest sister's wedding reception. We also celebrated Thanksgiving with her while she was here (the Saturday before Thanksgiving). Robyn and I are only 11 months apart in age. When we were little and we were the same age for one month, I remember thinking that we were temporarily twins.

So, I wanted to post of blog of some recent pictures from Robyn's visit.

Sisters: Kelsy, Jessa, me, Robyn at Graham & Jessa's wedding reception.
This photo is taken by

Grandma Delores, Jessa & Graham (the newlyweds)
This photo is taken by

David, my Sweet Husband, played many of his songs during the reception.
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I love this picture of my nieces: Maya hugging Lia.

Lia, Ethan & Maya, posing for the camera.

Maya, Robyn's youngest, drawing a beautiful tulip.