Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Home for the Holidays

I was so happy that my sister, Robyn, from Vermont and her two kids were in town recently. She was here for my youngest sister's wedding reception. We also celebrated Thanksgiving with her while she was here (the Saturday before Thanksgiving). Robyn and I are only 11 months apart in age. When we were little and we were the same age for one month, I remember thinking that we were temporarily twins.

So, I wanted to post of blog of some recent pictures from Robyn's visit.

Sisters: Kelsy, Jessa, me, Robyn at Graham & Jessa's wedding reception.
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Grandma Delores, Jessa & Graham (the newlyweds)
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David, my Sweet Husband, played many of his songs during the reception.
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I love this picture of my nieces: Maya hugging Lia.

Lia, Ethan & Maya, posing for the camera.

Maya, Robyn's youngest, drawing a beautiful tulip.


  1. Amber, very fun to see you with your sisters! Reminds me of our four daughters, also four sisters. How far apart in age are you four, from oldest to youngest?

  2. Thanks Cherry, for your comment! :) It's always fun for us to take a picture when we are all together since Robyn has lived on the East Coast for at least 12 years. Robyn is 36, I am 35, Kelsy is 33, and Jessa is 30. So, we are all pretty close in age. And we're probably close to the ages of your beautiful daughters. :)