Monday, March 29, 2010

My Daily Thank Yous

I decided last week I really needed a day of listing my daily "Thank Yous!" Here is my list from Friday 3/26/10:

1. Good friends.

2. Blueberry tea.

3. My hardworking, responsible, dedicated husband.

4. Memories.

5. My purple pen.

6. Finally decided on paint colors! (so we thought. hehe. Now it's Monday and it looks like we are changing our minds).

7. Great books.

8. The squirrels that are playing outside and jumping around on the tree branches.

9. Seeing my sister today.

10. New Joyce Meyer CD came in the mail titled "What Does Your Future Hold? Preparing yourself for what God has prepared for you." I'm looking forward to the life changing message.

11. Watching Bunny roll over.

12. God's guidance.

13. Awesome, inspiring ideas.

14. Ice packs, hot pads, and ibuprofen.

15. The beautiful potted flowers we walked by at Home Depot.

16. Scooter's coffee! And their berry lemon muffin. Yum!

17. Switching to my spring/summer purse.

18. My Bed Bath and Beyond gift card that I used to buy a new peeler since I broke the other one yesterday while peeling a potato.

19. Google.

20. Our wood floors.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birthday Bouquets

I am super thankful for the many many people who made my birthday special. There are too many to name, so thank you all!

The week of my birthday I was still enjoying the beautiful roses I received from David the week before. I am so thankful to be blessed with a husband who loves to buy flowers!

Thursday and Friday I attended a women's retreat and it was super AWESOME and inspiring! On Friday night David came home and surprised me with a cute bag filled with beautiful tulips. I was totally surprised since my birthday wasn't until Saturday. Here are the tulips...

Saturday morning at bible study I was showered with more gifts including 2 more beautiful bouquets of flowers. Yellow daffodils and yellow mini carnations. I love daffodils because they symbolize "hope and renewal". Here are my birthday bouquets...

All good and perfect gifts are sent from above. Thank you, God!

Wavy Brunette Hair for Locks of Love Donation

So, I had been wanting to cut my hair for about the past year or so and donate it to Locks of Love. But then, I would change my mind sometimes because I liked it long too. Then, I would change my mind again every time my husband accidently pulled my hair, like when he would put his arm around my shoulder. I was like "Ouwww!" And he would be like "What, your hair?" So, I decided if it was short it wouldn't be accidently pulled all the time. And I was inspired to cut it again for Locks of Love. This time donating 15 inches of my wavy brunette hair.

Here are some before and after pics:



The biggest downside to having short hair: I have to actually style my hair now.