Monday, July 26, 2010

Upcoming Show.....

I am so excited for David's next show. Although I am also nervous because he wants me to sing with him and this gives me anxiety. Probably the hardest thing in my life is that I have anxiety and get panic attacks and someday I will blog about it more. For now, I will post information on David's next show.

David will be playing on Friday in Omaha at the Benson Grind at 8pm. The Benson Grind is located at 6107 Maple Street. He is opening for the band, Feathe, a band of 3 lovely young ladies from Eau Claire, WI. I wanted to make a flyer for the show, and when I prayed about what to make for the flyer the only thing that kept coming to mind was to draw a picture of the band, Feathe. I drew the picture and David designed the rest.

Everyone is welcome and it is a free show. Hope to see you there!

To hear the music online go to or Thanks! :)

Homeless Shelter Show

Last week David played music for the guests at People's City Mission in Lincoln. It was our first time playing music at the homeless shelter in Lincoln and we were so excited. It was a really fun time. First he played for the families and women while they ate dinner, and then, he played for the men while they ate dinner. So many people thanked us for being there. We were so blessed to be there. We hope to go back again. Here are couple of pics:

David playing music for the guests at Lincoln City Mission.

We asked Jenny, who gave us a tour, to take a picture of us by this mural that we thought was cool.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Strong Women Soft Hearts

I would like to share a few things from a book that I am half way through called Strong Women Soft Hearts by Paula Rinehart. Some of these things she writes really speak to my heart.

Here is a few things from Paula's book from the chapter called Control: Releasing Our Sticky Fingers:

"Doug leaned over to me and spoke some of the wisest words of my life. 'You have to realize, Paula, that your dreams aren't going to materialize in the way you have hoped - even the ones you thought God gave you. Some will turn out better than you could ever imagine. Some will go belly up. And hardly any will match the picture in your mind.'"

"Letting go means 'freedom from the everlasting burden of always having to get our way.' Having to stay in control, to get our own way, is indeed an everlasting burden."

"In recognizing the subtle stranglehold of control, in the release of my sticky fingers from the steering wheel, my heart is ready for the real adventure of life - actively trusting God."

And here is a few things from her chapter called Trust: The Art of Falling Backward:

"And just as relationships elicit our deepest longings, so, too, trust can be more difficult when it comes to those we love."

"She began to deal, first, with the way she had attached her larger sense of being, her identity, not to God, but to a person. A human being, even one who is your husband, never makes a very good anchor."

"If you are frantically trying to hold on to something you think you must have, then trust seems about as feasible as a Sunday stroll on Mars."

"When you taste a measure of being able to love and enjoy the people in your life, without having to have any particular response from them, you are tasting bliss."

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Sweetest Husband

My husband, David, does sweet things. He takes me to the pet store to see baby bunnies because he knows I love bunnies. When he makes me a sandwich he cuts the cheese into a heart shape. When it was my last day at my job, last fall, he had left me lots of yellow daisies on my car.

The other day I sat down to eat lunch and he left me a napkin, and on it drew a heart with my name in it.

I am so thankful for my Sweet Husband, David.

The Good News: Any woman in the world, whether or not you are married, can be married to the 'Sweetest Husband' - Jesus. Put God first, know your true Lord and husband, Jesus, and He will give you everything you need. If you have a relationship with Him, He gives you love, romance, forgiveness, joy, peace, blessings, laughter... and so much more!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Grumpy Toast

At first glance you might think I made this face with my toast to be silly. Actually it was the end piece of the bread so the very middle of it was very thin. When the bread was finished toasting the middle was very burnt. I took a knife and cut out the burnt part. Two little pieces of the burnt part dropped onto the bread where eyes would be. I noticed it made a face as I was walking away to throw the burnt piece away. I was like "No way!" and I thought it was a funny. And because I think there is meaning to about everything, I wondered if God was telling me I was grumpy. So I took a picture so I could show David when he got home from work. And I probably prayed that I would be more joyful and thankful.

Later on I received a text message of a picture of a "Happy Face" made out of tools at the job site David was working at. He wrote, "Things going good here Cute." I think God used that face as one way to cheer me up. And maybe to remind me to trust Him and He is in control...little reminders that I constantly need.