Thursday, February 3, 2011

An Amazing Night With David and Jesus

Last night, while sitting on our green comfy sofa, I had this awesome memory of a super special night that happened over 4 years ago. I found an old journal entry and pictures to remember the date and details...

On January 14, 2007, David and I were sitting on his green comfy sofa. We were not married at this time, although we knew God brought us together to be husband and wife and for His plans and purposes. On this evening several years ago, I felt like God was mad at me about my sin. I told David, "I wish God was with us right now in human form to talk to us." I knew God's Spirit was there but I wanted to see His face. The expression on His face especially. A little while later, I looked up at the wall there was Jesus's face (a shadow). He looked loving and kind. He didn't look angry. This shadow of His face made 2 eyes, eyebrows, nose moustache, beard, the outline of His face with cheekbones. It looked like there were clouds behind Him to His right.

The above picture is the shadow we saw. The below pics are a zoom in of the shadow.

David and I prayed and asked God to speak to us. We sat in silence for about 5 minutes to hear what God would say to us. Afterwards we started talking. David asked if I thought God was mad at me. I slowly started to cry. David began telling me how much God loves me and that I am precious to Him. I began to really cry, so much that I was sobbing. We hugged and both cried. It really meant a lot to him that I opened up and expressed my feelings. That night was super special.

The face was on the wall for at least a year after that. We would sometimes show people when they would come over and it was dark. The face only appeared when the sun was down, the living room light was off and the dining room light was on. The dining room light shone through the neon Coors beer sign and artificial plant on top of the armoire. At some point the plant or something must have got moved a little. So, this shadow is no longer on our wall. But the memory of the moment is clear.

God, Your love is amazing! I love the ways you love! Thank you for reminding me of this intimate time with You and David! Thank you for bringing us together and using our lives for Your Glory!

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