Monday, April 4, 2011

Snowflake Walk

I love snowflakes. The other day, I looked out the window of our little house and I was so amazed at the snow. I said, "BEAUTIFUL!". My husband agreed. It was peacefully falling down in large clumps of snowflakes. I told him I was going outside to catch snowflakes on my black coat and look at them up close. I caught many cute flakes of snow on my black wool coat and I had fun. I said, "Wow!" and "Cute!" a lot. I am amazed by how perfect some of them look. I try to find really cute ones and stare at them in amazement and then they melt like 2 seconds later. It is so cool that God takes the time to make snowflakes and I have heard that "no 2 snowflakes are alike". Wow! Out of the millions that fall, isn't that amazing?

cute little snowflakes

A day or two later, there was a pretty snowfall again. I asked David if we could go for a walk together in the snow. I told him we could take an umbrella. He thought it was a great idea. We had wanted to work out that day and hadn't been to the gym yet and we really needed a refreshing break from work. He drove us to a cute neighborhood to walk around in. We felt silly carrying the umbrella, so we just put our hoods on.

On our snowflake walk in front of a pine tree.

David on our snowflake walk.

Thanks, Lord, for the beautiful snowflakes you create! Thank you that no two are exactly alike. It reminds me of people, we are all unique; wonderfully and complexly made by You. God, you are amazing and what you create is amazing!