Tuesday, May 31, 2011

One Hundred Gifts

This book is awesome: "One Thousand Gifts. A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are. By Ann Voskamp".

God tells us to be thankful in all things. Yet, I am a person who needs to discipline myself to think of the things I am thankful for. There have been several times where I feel prompted to just sit down, take a breath, and think of all the things I'm thankful for.

This book has helped me to discipline myself to be thankful and to see many more things and moments as gifts from God. I feel so blessed! It is a joy and a gift to feel blessed! We all have so many gifts, we don't even realize it. My prayer for you is that you would see all the gifts around you every day, every moment.

So, I am a slow reader. I've been reading this book on and off for several months. And since March 10th, I've been keeping a list of the many gifts God sends my way. Here is my first 100:

1. The book, "One Thousand Gifts"

2. The women's retreat tonight.

3. The woman who came up to me and prayed for me at the alter.

4. Her anointed prayer that spoke to my heart.

5. Intimacy with God tonight.

6. God speaking to me through the message.

7. David playing electric guitar as I snuggle on the sofa.

8. Fun time at Dave and Lacey's.

9. Friendships ~ old and new.

10. Wisdom from Proverbs.

11. Many birthday blessings that made me feel so loved.

12. Our lovable bunny.

13. A husband who is compassionate and loves to love people.

14. David helping me prepare dinner.

15. Time to spend with God each day.

16. God providing for us.

17. Making "Thank You" cards.

18. Seeing my aunt Doris today.

19. The beauty of art.

20. Colors.

21. My sight. So that I can see colors and other beautiful things.

22. The quilt on our bed made by Grandma.

23. God's perfect timing.

24. Cozy pillows.

25. Pink pen I found today that I had lost.

26. The book, "Jesus Calling".

27. The note I found that says, "The bigger you dream, the higher you go."

28. Neighbor loving his gift from us.

29. David's car window fixed.

30. Little King subs.

31. Hot tea.

32. A new day!

33. My mom.

34. A graceful deer running.

35. A field of deer in the middle of the city.

36. A night drive with David to look for the deer.

37. A beautiful snowfall. (written 3/24/11).

38. A beautiful sight out of the kitchen window, snow delicately covering tree braches

39. The scent of 'midnight vanilla' softsoap.

40. A responsible husband who loves God.

41. A husband who obeys God, even with big things like leaving his job.

42. Faith to know that God's plans are bigger and better than our own.

43. Supportive, praying friends.

44. The scent of cleaning.

45. Encouraging cards.

46. Hope.

46. Repentance.

47. Forgiveness.

48. David telling me, "You are precious".

49. Our snowflake date ~ a walk under an amazingly beautiful snowfall (written 3/28/11)

50. The beautiful sound of rain.

51. The sounds of thunder.

52. Connections ~ we seem to be crossing paths with some great people.

53. Promises in the Bible.

54. The story of my wedding ring.

55. Life.

56. Purpose.

57. Investing in a younger generation.

58. A gym membership.

59. Setting goals, and then surrendering them to God.

60. Meeting goals.

61. The shelter staff being super thankful.

62. Shelter guests thanking us and telling us how much we helped them.

63. Helping others.

64. Text messaging.

65. The website for facingGoliath is done. Yay!

66. People's excitement for our ministry.

67. Our little house.

68. The beautiful wood floors.

69. The weed puller that helps pull dandelions.

70. The field of thousands of dandelions near our house.

71. Dessert night tomorrow night with lots of women from Heartland church.

72. Living debt free ~ other than the money we owe still on the house.

73. David's music.

74. More church fellowship and community.

75. The blessing of Heartland Church.

76. A smart, wise husband who seeks God's will.

77. Colors on walls

78. Dilusso Cracked Peppered Turkey.

79. The blessing of ACT International.

80. The power of God's Word.

81. Determination to memorize the book of Colossians.

82. The scent of coffee.

83. M & M's.

84. Slippers.

85. Answers from God.

86. Water.

87. A husband who leads us in prayer every morning since we've been married.

88. Front porch candlelight dinner

89. A blessing of a part time job with a flexible schedule.

90. The peace of God's Word.

91. The sounds of summer: Lawns being mowed, neighbors music, birds chirping.

92. God's favor.

93. The power of being thankful!

94. NASCAR chapel service.

95. Men lined up to thank David and shake his hand.

96. Cute welcome mats.

97. Peonies.

98. The scent of Lavender.

99. The pray "God change me!" when I am feeling like someone else needs to change.

100. Finding out about salt & pepper popcorn.