Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mini Reunion of Friends

God is so awesome!  I love how He orchestrates things to allow mini reunions of friends who haven't seen each other in a really long time. :)

I received an invite to a surprise 40th Birthday party for a friend named Amy who I hadn't seen in at least 10 years.  It was a friend who I met at one of the first bible studies I ever went to, in year 2000.  It was so fun to catch up with these women who helped in me in the beginning of my walk with the Lord.  

The first bible study went through with these women was a book called "The Discipline of Grace".  God's grace is so amazing… it is something that I will be in awe of my whole life. 

God, thank You for blessing me with beautiful friends who love You and who have been an inspiration to me.  Thank You for Your amazing grace!

Me, Amy (birthday girl), and Jeanine

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Celebrating 5 Years of Marriage

Five years ago today, I married the man I was created for…to be his Help Meet. He is a blessing to me in so many ways and God has used him to heal me and sanctify me for His purposes.

I thank and praise God so much for giving me strength to obey Him in several areas of my life which helped lead me to David, my husband. I remember some of the hard things He was calling me to obey within a few months before I met David.

Here are a few of the things:
1. My roommate at the time talked to me about tithing. I gave money to the church, but not 10 percent of my gross income. Even though I felt I could not afford to pay my bills if I tithed, I began tithing (giving to God) what He says in His Word to give and my old job opened up overtime which allowed for financial blessing. Now, I think tithing differently. I feel blessed to give to further God's Kingdom and I feel like I am under God's protection and blessing as I (Now, we) obey in this area.

2. My roommate 6 years ago, suggested I cut my hair for locks of love. I didn't want to, because I didn't want short hair. There have only been a few times I have heard God's voice, and this was one of them. I heard Him say, "I want your husband to meet you with short hair!". It may sounds odd, but only God knows all the reasons why. I decided to cut my hair, even donating 12 inches instead of the required 10, to make sure it was short (chin length). I met David exactly one week later.

3. I received an email from a friend, asking me to be in an Easter skit, where I would be acting in front of a large group. As I was typing the email back to say, "I can't do it, I get too nervous in front of groups", I heard God say, "I picked you, Amber". This was a huge struggle for me and probably one of the hardest things ever for me to obey God with, I remember even wanting to run away. So, I did the skit. It went well, only by the grace and strength of God. David was there and saw the skit, and afterwards he said I was a good actress. (At the time we weren't dating yet, I had only known him for a couple of weeks).

4. A few months before I met David, I felt like God wanted me to date someone soon. (David was the one, yet I hadn't met him yet- well, I sort of had but that's a longer story). I also felt like God said, "There is only one". So that there would be no confusion, I began praying this prayer: "Lord, I pray that no man is attracted to me, except the one You made me for. I pray that I would not be attracted to any man, except the one You made me for. I pray the man You made me for would not be attracted to any woman except me, and I pray that no woman would be attracted to him except me." I strongly believe there were huge and awesome results from this prayer.

Thank you, God for giving me the strength to pray bold prayers and obey You with hard things, to allow me to meet and marry the man of Your dreams for me.