Monday, September 1, 2014

Beginning to Share my Story

I keep hearing the phrase "Share your story" or similar phrases, especially over the last couple months. God knows I stumble over words when I talk or I start going on "bunny trails" and I forget what I was talking about.  Additionally, talking in groups makes me nervous, although God IS helping me with this- He is my strength in my weakness.  I recently shared my testimony with the young teen girls at our church and I even talked about how much I love bunnies. We have a pet bunny, named "Bunny" (seriously).  Anyway, I do LOVE to write. Life got very busy in the last couple years and I took a break from online blogging. Although I continued to journal, write in cards, and write many of our homeless ministry updates which can be seen here:

Thanks to all my blogger friends and all my friends/family for your encouragement over the years. In case you are curious about what's been going on in my life here's a summary of my last couple years:

~ My Beloved Husband and I stay busy with ministry to the homeless, going to shelters each month to share music, testimonies and the Gospel, give away bibles, pray and encourage their hearts. 

~ I got a part-time job at Gallup (an amazing company to work for) 3 years ago, and the Lord blessed me with a full time position that fits my Gallup Strengths last summer 2013. 

~ David (my husband) and I still have our old cars and praise be to God, they are still running, David's car just passed the 250K mile mark this weekend. Yay!

~ Our average monthly donations for our ministry has been $1,200-1,500 for the last few years. We are so thankful for this support, and that God is growing our team. Praise God!

~ The Lord blessed us with a new church family last fall, at East Side Christian Church. David was hired as their worship leader last fall, and we are so thankful for the loving people there. 

~ My alone time with the Lord is my first priority. Even though I'm busy, I often say "I would rather get 5 hours of sleep and have my 1 hour of prayer-time with the Lord than to get 6 hours of sleep". 

~ By the grace of God, we have been able to live without credit card debt or car payments for about 7 years, and without student loans for 5+ years. Even when things got hard for us financially, we continued tithing and God always provided for all our needs. Yay, God!

So, something happened this summer where I surrendered a dream to God, and He gave me a bigger dream. One that is way more for His Kingdom. And since then I've had a desire to write even more, and to open up with my own story, and all the ways God has revealed Himself to me, freed me, and healed me. I'm planning to dedicate 2 hours each week to work on writing in some way… some of it may be blogging.

If you're reading this, I have a prayer request to share with you: That the Lord will guide me in sharing my story for His glory. And to trust that He will use all the pieces of the puzzle, even the messy stuff that He has freed me off to help others know of His amazing love and grace. (How can I pray for you?)

May you be blessed and be a blessing as YOU share YOUR story. 

Psalm 107:2a NIV


  1. Good to see you are prioritizing your writing, Amber. I look forward to reading what God will say through you as you surrender to Him your thoughts, your time, your heart, and your pen (or should I say "your keyboard"?). Keep writing. I'll be reading. :)

    1. Thanks SO much for your sweet comment, Cindi! :O) You're right, it's the keyboard this time. Haha! You have been one of the biggest blessings that Lord provided at just the right time. Wow! God is SO AWESOME! He did way more than I hoped for or imagined, when I began praying this summer for woman mentors in my life who are writers. You inspire me to want to be more than I thought I could be.... all for HIS glory.

  2. Yay, Amber - fun to read another post, written from your heart! It was good to hear this past Sunday that you plan to write here again - will look forward to reading more of what you write. And will pray for you:)

    1. Hi Cherry! Thanks for your sweet comment and thank you SO much for your prayers. It's going to be hard to open up about some personal stuff, but I think God wants me to. To be used as a vessel of His amazing LOVE. I have all kinds of writing ideas, not much time but enough to get started. We had a blessed time with you and Gary at lunch. Wish we could see you guys more.

  3. Hello Amber,
    I'm finally getting over to your blog! And I'm grateful for the to get to know you better and be encouraged as well. Looking forward to what God will say through you, your story and words in the days to come. Asking Him to help me have the same attitude you do about less sleep and more prayer time!! Blessings!

  4. Hello dear Jill! You're such a sweet friend and encourager. I'm so glad the Lord connected us together as sister's in Christ. He's so good and faithful. Thank you for reading my post, Friend!!