Thursday, October 2, 2014

Your Maker is Your Husband

I'm excited today to share with you some powerful quotes from Cindi McMenamin's book "When Women Walk Alone" and my own personal testimony of the Lord as my Husband. The first Monday of each month I go to a women's fellowship bible study group.  I thank God for my dear friend Julie, owner of Saving Grace Therapeutic Massage for starting this group summer of 2013. Our group recently started a new book that the Lord led us to, Cindi's book "When Women Walk Alone", and I'm so thankful He did as it is a message we all needed. Women have been LOVING this book. I'm praying this message blesses you, too. 

Here are just a few of the MANY words of wisdom written by Cindi McMenamin from chapter 2: "Alone at Heart: Looking to Your Heavenly Husband":

"Whether we long for a husband, or long to be emotionally connected to the one we already have, we need to know that we can know fulfillment in the midst of our aloneness."

"Throughout the Old Testament, God refers to His chosen people, the nation of Israel, as His bride. In Isaiah 54:5, He tells Israel, 'Your Maker is your Husband - the Lord Almighty is His name'. "

"In a marriage to Christ, you are treated as the most precious, beautiful, sought-after bride there ever was. Because in His eyes, you are."

"When we make our relationship with Christ a priority and make Him our focal point in all things, we will know true fulfillment - even in our alone times". 

"Let me share with you three practical things we can do - every day - in our relationship with the Lord so that our marriage to Him fills the void a man cannot fill. 1. Communicate with God about everything. … 2. Commit yourself to trusting in God alone. …3. Consider your life with God a partnership. …". 

Oh how I LOVE those wise words from Cindi!  Lord, let these truths sink deep into our hearts and minds.  Teach us to communicate with You about everything, commit to trusting in You alone, and help us to see our life with You as a partnership. 

My personal testimony of the Lord becoming my Husband:
My relationship with the Lord began about 15 years ago. I was 24. I was having panic attacks and they got so bad I was getting scared to do just basic every-day things. I cried out to God with all my heart and asked Him many questions. He poured out His peace on me. I cried peaceful tears. It wasn't long before the Holy Spirit led me to a vision of the cross of Jesus Christ and what He did for me.  I had believed in God ever since I was little, but had never experienced Him, or truly accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord. His grace overwhelmed me. I fell to my knees and I cried so much I was sobbing, shaking and saying over and over "I'm so sorry" for what my sin did to Him on the cross.  Love songs began to remind me of Him instead of "guys" (like they had prior).  He began to free me of anxiety and WOW, I felt alive for the first time in my life. No man could have met that need. God filled me and began to heal me. 

In my walk with Christ, I went through a dark period. Too much to explain, but I tried to take things into my own hands, stopped trusting Him, stopped believing in His promises.  I began forgetting about the gift of eternal life. I was desperately insecure and wanted a relationship, a husband.  One thing I learned from this hard time in my life (after the fact) is that God IS truthful to His Word and He knows way better than me.  Also I didn't know this until after I came back to Him, but He never left me, even though I sort of left Him. 

God drew me back to Himself about 11 years ago. Praise You Lord! I began praying and spending time in His Word, and being still before Him on a daily basis. He began to transform me more and more from the inside out, and bless me as I learned to obey Him because of my love for Him. Obedience truly leads to blessings, friends.  A few of the ways I began to obeying Him about 10 years ago were to not allow a hint of lust to enter my mind, dress modest, and tithing. 

I love how the Lord DOES make us feel, like Cindi says, "the most precious, beautiful sought-after bride there ever was". How amazing the He has the ability to make each of us feel like this.  And each of us has a story that is even better than a "Cinderella Story" with Christ as our Husband.  Lord, help each of us feel like the Princess we are with YOU as our Prince and Husband and God Almighty as our Father. 

One blessing that came after I truly fell in love with Jesus and only wanted Him, was the blessing of my husband, David.  Another huge blessing that came with this is David's super healing music.  Music that draws me even closer to God's heart. Yet I wasn't blessed with even meeting David until I began praying this prayer and really meaning it: I began praying that no man would be attracted to me except the one God wants me to marry, and that I wouldn't be attracted to any man except the one God wants me to marry. God revealed to me that some people believe "lies of lust" and if I'm dressing in a way that attracts men, I'm going to detract my husband and attract many of the men who believe lies.  I decided to believe what God's Word rather than what the world says.  I began to dress ultra modest and I obviously wasn't trying to attract a guy because I mostly wore jeans and a baggie t-shirt during that time in my life. I met David soon after that. And I've been praying over the years to dress more feminine. :)

David my husband (before we met) didn't know if God had a bride for him. But he knew that if God did, that He (God) would know better who would be the one for him. So at just the perfect timing, David said the Lord told him that I was his wife ~ future wife.  We barely knew each other at this point in our lives… only had talked a few times in a group setting. The Lord blessed me as a "Helper" for a godly man very soon AFTER I began obeying God in many areas of my life, both His Word, and His Holy Spirit.  I love the verse "Man was not made for woman but woman was made for man". 1 Corinthians 11:9.  God told me "He needs you", a couple months before I met David, when I was telling God I was nervous to meet my husband.  So it helped me to know that my husband wasn't made for me, I was made for him. 

After David and I were married, there was a time I was becoming a nagging wife as I would go to him about things before going to God. Also when David and I would pray together in the morning and read a devotional, I thought "oh good, I already had my God-time".  Wrong! The Lord taught me that I still need my quiet time with Him daily, no matter what, that I need to put Him first and go to Him first about things.  One of my heart cries over the years has been "Lord I pray that David and I love You more than anything, even more than each other".  God began blessing my marriage to David in much greater ways when I honored the Lord as my Husband. (I still often need to be reminded of this). 

Okay, this is long I know. I hope you stayed with me. Back to Cindi's book "When Women Walk Alone". Whether you are single or married, this book will bless and heal you. I know many women reading it now, and each one has said things like "This is exactly what I needed". To tell you the truth, before I got the book I saw the title and thought "I don't need this book, I have God and I have David and lots of friends". I'm admitting my pride now. I was thinking I needed one of her other books "When You're Running on Empty" or "When Women Long for Rest" (which I'm sure I will be blessed by those as well).  Yet God made it clear "I needed this book". This book will help you know that you are not alone, not even for a minute. And it will help you learn to allow your Maker to be your Husband, which will truly bless you whether you are single or married. Cindi's books can be purchased for a discounted rate on her website

I hope this message blessed you today! I'm praying for you, friends. Please leave a comment if this article blessed you or if you have advice for me or other women. Thanks for sharing what's on your heart.