Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Fringe Hours

"The Fringe Hours" by Jessica N. Turner is a beautifully written book that helps women to make time for their passions and the things they love.  I first found out about the book through Angie Smith's video on her Facebook page.  I felt wrapped in God's arms, as I read about what the book was about,  like He was whispering, "It's okay to make time for yourself, do things you love and take care of yourself, Amber".

After praying and asking others to pray for God's will about joining the study, I finally signed up, bought two books, prayed about who to give the other book to and my dear friend, Lachelle, came to mind. :) Lachelle and I also signed up for a Proverbs31 bible study called "The Best Yes" by Lysa TerKeurst last fall yet I only made it through chapter 4.  The book was awesome, my life just gets so busy October through December. Both books seem to have a similar theme, so I believe God wants me to learn this. 

The other day Lachelle and I met and discussed what we are loving about the book "The Fringe Hours". She started reading a paragraph she loves, and it made me smile that I had the same paragraph circled in purple glitter pen. Here's the paragraph, it's near the bottom of page 91…

"Making time for yourself is incredibly important. When you pursue your passions regularly, your life perspective will gradually shift. You will slowly begin to see life with eyes of optimism and gratitude because you are living full of hope, wonder, and joy". 

Meeting at 7am before work day to discuss The Fringe Hours with Lachelle. Blessed time! :)

God changed my life for the better through this book. My husband and I began to regularly work out together at the gym and each bring a book. It was great as we do need to take care of our health more and it was a sweet time to spend with my husband. Sometimes we would even be on the treadmill next to each other and share what we were learning in our book. 

"The Fringe Hours" also helped me realize how I have pockets of time that I didn't realize I had prior. One of mine that I found which is embarrassing to admit is how much time I was taking to get ready for work in the morning. I would get up about 5am, have my hour God time, pray with my husband, and I sometimes wouldn't leave for work until 8am (or later!). I was like "What in the world am I doing with all that time?".  I think I was just getting ready super slow. So now I am being a lot more disciplined in the morning getting ready (after my God time). This book blessed me with 4+ extra hours per week that I didn't realize I had. 

Another way the book blessed me is that I realized I hadn't been to the dentist for a teeth cleaning in 1.5 years, since I had often put off stuff like caring for myself. I made an appointment and went yesterday for my cleaning and WOW, they got my teeth so much whiter, and it's nice. I had been drinking tea and didn't realize how stained my teeth could get from tea. 

One amazing thing is that the book brought me a deeper thanks to God and joy.  For many years now I've been spending quiet time in prayer and reading the Bible each morning. I realized what a blessing this is that I often take for granted. Also it made me more grateful for my husband, how he leads us in prayer each morning. Thank you, Lord for this amazing blessing! We need you so much and always will. 

I should also add that I only made it through chapter 7 of "The Fringe Hours" so I almost feel it's not a fair review of book as there are a total of 13 chapters. Jessica's book deserves a better review than this. But I wanted to attempt the assignment for the (in)courage book club to write a little review about how this book has impacted my life.  I recommend the book and also recommend the online book clubs through (in)courage and the online bible studies through Proverbs31. Both ministries are awesome and have blessed me so much. 

Me & Lachelle with our books "The Fringe Hours". The lovely barrista took our photo. 

In case you are wondering what I'm going to do with my extra 4 hours or more per week that this book helped me find… The Lord has been leading me to share the darkest times of my life of what He has redeemed me of.  Over a decade ago I struggled with many things including depression, lies of lust and lies of body image. The reason I can say "lies" of lust/body image, is that I learned that once I am healed from believing lies, I am free from any temptation in this area. I learned that temptation is just Satan lying to me, and when I don't believe the lies, I am free of temptation (in any area that I have replace the lies with God's Truth). The Lord has done a beautiful thing, so I plan to write to share what God has done, to obey Him and to help others. 

Thanks for taking time to read this blog. I pray that you are blessed.  :O)


  1. Amber, I'm a little late in reading this post, but glad I came by now! I've purchased this book, as well, and will be starting to read it soon. It looks really good - looking forward to reading it! Thanks for your great review - and so happy for the ways that it has encouraged you.

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  3. Hi Cherry! Sounds like you came by at a great time~ to read the review of the book you purchased. When I first read about it online, my eyes filled with tears and I had a feeling God had led me to get it. May the Lord bless your book time and quiet times with Him. I think you will be blessed through the book. Thanks for your sweet comment. Miss you guys! :)