Thursday, September 17, 2015

Pure Radiant Joy

Recently, in the last several months, God has been gently uprooting my biggest fears, pride and so many other things to help me shine more brightly for His Kingdom and glory.

I've prayed for years for God to use me and my testimony for His glory.  I used to be one of the most insecure women in the world~ running to many other things other than God. And been in some really low places. I repented of this, turned back to God, and beginning spending morning time in His Word and prayer daily. And year after year, I change and grow. I learn that walking in obedience to Him is so rewarding. Being with Him in my morning time each day is so fulfilling. 

At times when I see people believing the lies that I used to, I began to weep and beg God to use me. Part of my problem is that I don’t like attention on me, so I often don’t speak up (maybe that’s why I like to write).  As I have recently been surrendering my fears to God and asking Him to use me, it has been on my heart to create a new website that shares stories of healing, freedom and Truth from God’s Word and personal testimonies to help women heal.  Lord willing, it will be a Christ-centered website for women that focuses on 3 things:

1) Pure Hearts
2) Radiant Beauty
3) Eternal Joy

Pure Hearts ~ Seek to please the Lord and walk in obedience to Him.  Loving everyone, forgiving, and not have roots of bitterness. To not allow a hint of lust to enter our minds.  Be healed and free from all the lies the world tells us.  Dress feminine and modest. 

Radiant Beauty ~ With Christ living in us, we shine with the beauty of the Lord.  Know that we are wonderfully made and so beautiful to our Maker. Healed of all lies of body image. Believe that our gray (or white) hair is our crown of glory. Have a gentle, peaceful spirit.  Shine brightly for Him. 

Eternal Joy ~ Be filled with joy knowing how loved you are by the Lord. Give thanks in all things knowing this is God's will for those who belong to Christ Jesus.  Know God works all things for good for those who love Him.  Live for eternity, not for the world. Believing all God's promises are for you. Serving God and being a vessel of His love to others is one of the greatest joys.

Those are just a few ideas so far.  I praise God that He has already provided other women who want to help with it, sharing their testimonies and stories of God's redeeming work in their lives.

So eventually I plan to be blogging on that new website, but I'm not sure when it will be up, it could be many months to even have a basic website up.  My husband and I have a homeless ministry the Lord called us to, and I work at Gallup, so I only have a few hours a week on a regular week to work on this.  I plan to take a week off of work in November to work on writing and/or website stuff. 

Dear friend, will you take a moment to pray? I would so love your prayers for:

~ God's will in this website, that He will be so glorified and bring it all together in the perfect timing.
~ God's will in writing a book and/or coauthoring, and that His Living Water will flow through my writing.
~ To set my mind on Christ, and not think of my fears or myself. Attack fear with God's Word.
~ To be uprooted of all ungodly fear and pride and to only have godly motives. 
~ For the Lord to bring women who would be blessed to hear this message through this website/testimonies.
~ God's blessing for our homeless music ministry, facingGoliath.
~ To be disciplined with time to use it wisely and productively for God's Kingdom.

Your prayers mean so much! If you think of me in your daily prayer time, I'd love to have your prayers for God to use this ministry to bring healing to many women.  I pray for you as well.  May the Lord's favor and grace be with you. :)

P.S. So, I will be breaking from posting on here, as I put my writing focus on this new direction. I will let you know when the new website is up. Please keep me in your prayers. I appreciate you so much! :)

Here's a new song that has been speaking to me. JJ Heller "Sound of a Living Heart". Blessings! :)